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Repair Shop Calendar for Mobile

Manage all your services detail efficiently using the new and incredible Repair Shop Software
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17 February 2014

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This is a calendar tool for managing the affairs of a repair shop.

This tool is LAN enabled. Multiple users could access this utility and share data through the local area network. This is meant for managing the calendar for a repair shop that may be for repairing cars, bikes, bicycles, home equipment, clothes and shoes. Repair technicians can plan their working hours so that the orders do not overlap, keep track of scheduled appointments and what service bay will be used. You will be able to manage client details such as their address, telephone, email, etc. You will be able to record their comments about a repair job or a problem attended to earlier. The tool provides a graphic view of the jobs assigned in two timeline modes. One is a horizontal one the other a vertical arrangement. There’s also a table view of the jobs.

Reminders could be scheduled. It’s possible to create reminders to alert technicians about tasks to be started. Automatic search and auto-field filling for database entries are possible. Business owners can get a clear snapshot of the business financial health by looking at payments, daily income for any day at any moment. It can help communicate with other scheduling tools. You can save appointments into an iCalendar file. Data transfer is facilitated between applications that use Scheduler and other applications, such as Apple iCal, Microsoft Exchange Server, Android apps. Data can be synced with Microsoft Outlook data. Export of data in XLS, TXT, HTML, XML formats. An auto backup functionality can save you from crashes or virus attacks. This is a very good product.

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Managing day to day task is the key to success for any kind of business or service. Irrespective of whether one is running a business solely or have hired employees to do the job, there comes a time when human brains alone fail to remember and handle all the schedules of the days to come one after the other. Same is true for repair services as the number of customers to be handled continuously increases with previous customers returning for new jobs. This makes managing of all the details, tasks, schedule and earnings quite a difficult task. One efficient way to manage all your daily tasks are to try out the new ‘Repair Shop Calendar' program which is guaranteed to aid you in managing your services business efficiently and effectively.
‘Repair Shop Calendar' is the new software tool designed specifically for the use of repair shops of all kinds including repairing of bikes, cars, equipment, shoes and even furniture. Not only does the tool allow a repair technician to schedule his working hours but also stay informed on all scheduled appointments, services to be performed in a day along with additional information of the clients who they would be providing their services for. ‘Repair Shop Calendar' is a tool that is equally efficient to be used by an individual and a repair shop owner as well to manage the many repair technicians working in the place.
The topmost quality of this tool is its simple and speedy working topped with an instant and easy operation method that is easily understandable by all. The program's functions are broadly categorized under four icons. These icons namely Masters, Clients, Reports and Scheduler allow technicians full information regarding their work, client, appointments and earnings as well.
Under the Masters section each technician can create his profile where all clients and appointments can be recorded as record of previous, present and future jobs to be done.
Repair Shop Calendar for Mobile
Repair Shop Calendar for Mobile
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